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first proper bake of 2013

Saturday. 03. 30. 2013.

I baked an apple pie in January and a lemon poppy seed cake in February but both of them did not turn out very well. The way those 2 things turned out actually made me quite upset.

But I am happy to say that the carrot muffins that I baked the other day was a success. YAY!

carrot muffin 2013

I was a bit concerned about the big pieces of carrot at first but they were fully cooked and the muffin was DELICIOUS. (Not only proclaimed by me but those who had it as well.) Someone said that the muffins were wrapped up like little presents.

I used Martha Stewart’s Spiced Carrot Muffin Recipe.

It’s been a while since I last grated carrots by hand so my arm was pretty sore the next day. I used to buy carrots when they went on sale, used the food processor to grate the carrots and freeze them in “carrot cake portions”.

I used 5×5″ pieces of parchment paper for the muffin “cups”. Advised by Kitchn ( but didn’t bother to spray the pan. It wasn’t that big of a deal to pull a bit of parchment paper out of the muffin. The parchment paper didn’t stick to the muffin as a regular muffin liner usually does.

I made a key lime cream cheese icing to go with the muffin. I acquired a couple bottles of key lime juice, thanks to a friend’s parents. Once you use key lime juice, it’s just not the same to use regular limes.

In addition to my muffins turning out well, I got myself a new muffin tin. (Thanks to my friend Denise and her husband.)

Every muffin tin should come with a lid for storage and transport. EVERY muffin tin.

Oh hell… every baking pan should come with a lid for storage and transport. So many times have I faced the dilemma of how to put something away or take it with me ’cause I don’t have a container big enough.

new muffin tin

My fancy new muffin tin!





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