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fuck this

Wednesday. 03. 27. 2013.

Since that post about babies, I’ve thought heavily on the whole deciding between career and having children.

Last night I decided that I would try to have it all. Who the hell says that I can’t? Why am I doubting myself years in advance? Who says I won’t end up with someone who will stand by me while I run off to be a rock star (aka go to dental school and become DR. Chan)?

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  1. Wednesday. 03. 27. 2013. 4.35 am

    I was going to comment a couple days ago that I didn’t think you needed to be worrying or making any decisions now. I think the best way is make the decisions when you are actually facing them. I always thought I’d have it all, decided that was what I wanted, and then when I had kids, priorities changed. And I’m so glad that I was able to accept the disappointment that my career brought and go in a different direction. The only thing consistent in life is change, and your goals will probably change over and over. So I think planning to have it all is the best way to go.

    PS. You. Are. Awesome.

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