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here’s a cookie

Saturday. 03. 16. 2013.

I haven’t died. Obviously.

I’ve just been trying to cobble together some sort of normality. Life is a work in progress.


I started eating fortune cookies last summer. Well… I’ve always liked fortune cookies but not ALL fortune cookies. I didn’t like the ones that were slightly lemony.

But I was visiting my aunt in Missouri during our “thinking” period when I got this fortune.


I was not thrilled. Actually, I said, “Oh fuck off” rather loudly in the kitchen of my aunt’s restaurant.

The second one was slightly better although at the time, I had no projects in mind.

Much nicer than the last fortune.

I was looking forward to this one. Well… sort of. Not everyone I used to be friends with in the past are people I’m interested in reuniting with.
Although I must say that I’m rather happy about the result of this fortune. Well done fortune cookie deity.

Seriously hope it's someone I want to be reunited with.

I brought back a bunch of cookies from my aunt’s restaurant and this was the last one.

Last of my cookies. This one is rather nice.

Then I bought a bunch from Bulk Barn.
There were less fortunes but it’s nice to be complimented from time to time.

This is rather complimentary.

This one just makes me sound like bottled water.

I sound like bottled water.

Is this mean I’ll end up with another musician?

Oh wait. It’s not THAT  far fetched. But I seriously don’t hunt them down. They find me!


I’m taking it as a reminder to start a RRSP once I start working for real. Whenever the hell that might be.

Sure beats "in agony and dead broke"

I’m really into this one. Although at the present moment my travel plans are: Detroit, Niagara-on-the-lake, Vegas and (possibly) Kansas City. Not very exotic but I suppose these things are subjective.


I got the last 2 from the guy I’ve been working for.

How nice. Although I have my doubts.

Keen intuition I can believe but emotional sensitivity, I'm not so sure.

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