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still in limbo but it’s not all bad

Tuesday. 01. 22. 2013.

So the  boys and I have been in Canada for almost 2 months.

2012 has ended and I’m slowly trying to piece together something that would be considered my life.

I’m waiting to hear back from the colleges I applied to but I believe that I’ve got most of that sorted. Shouldn’t be denied a spot because I forgot to submit something.

I’m still looking for a suitable job for the time being but I’ve managed to get some work with this guy I used to work for.

Things aren’t perfect but they’re better than a month ago.

The boys are settling in. They’re also getting along with my family. My mom’s been taking care of them while I’m trying to live a non cat lady life.

Ull and Milo 2013

I haven’t been able to do much cooking since my kitchen is still in Sweden but I’m hoping to get SOMETHING done.

I made an apple pie for a friend a couple weeks ago but it was definitely not my best work. I was a bit embarrassed. Told him that I’d make him another pie to make up for the first pie.

I’ve been taking baby steps. Made mash potato for a shepherd’s pie the other day and helped out with making chicken enchiladas.

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