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scotch eggs

Wednesday. 10. 31. 2012.

Most people would be surprised to know that Scotch eggs have nothing to do with Scotland. Guess it’s like how Scotch tape has nothing to do with Scotland either.

I recently played baker at my work ’cause our resident baker was sick. One of the things I baked was the Scotch egg. I was rather proud of my Scotch egg ’cause I did some tweaking that produced a Scott egg that didn’t have overcooked yolks.

I reduced the amount of sausage meat as well has double ground half of the sausage meat to make it smoother to work with. After doing some research on how others make Scotch eggs, I went with Heston Blumenthal’s method of rolling out the sausage meat between 2 pieces of plastic.

The result was a Scotch egg that didn’t have that green yolk and a delicious ratio between egg and sausage meat.


Since we don’t have a fryer at the shop, we bake our Scotch eggs. I proclaimed myself as the queen of Scotch eggs after my coworkers agreed that I came up with my awesome Scotch eggs.

What I’d love to try is Masterchef Australia’s Adam Liaw’s Scotch eggs, made with minced prawns and quail eggs.

Here’s the link for Blumenthal’s recipe:

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