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hello CAYUGA!

Thursday. 09. 13. 2012.

Before I headed back to Sweden, I went out for dinner with Denise, her husband and her mum.

They took me to Twisted Lemon in Cayuga.

Twisted Lemon

It was a fabulous evening of delicious food and great company.

When we rolled into town, I pointed out that the name Cayuga sounded like a sound effect in Looney Toons.

I started the evening with a Caesar. It was rather delicious. There was a choice of mild, medium or spicy. I like that. I went with medium with the option of increasing the spiciness.


I chose the grilled calamari for appetizer. It’s hard to eat any old calamari after eating so much fresh calamari in Croatia. This was good calamari. It was served with shaved lemon, roasted red peppers and capers. The combination was quite yummy.


For dinner, I went with partridge.

When Denise suggested that we go to Twisted Lemon, I looked their menu and saw that they were serving quail. I was rather excited ’cause I love quail. Turns out they just switched to their fall menu which had partridge instead of quail.

I’ve never had partridge before. I’ve certainly heard of it but I’ve never eaten it. Denise and her husband both recommended the New York striploin but I was in the mood for quail.

Partridge turned out to be quite delicious. The leg reminded me of quail or squab (pigeon) while the breast was a little drier and more chicken like. The partridge was pan roasted with a roasted garlic cauliflower mash, caramelised onion and chick pea volute, and vegetable gratin.

Volute? Fancy way of saying sauce. It didn’t taste much like chick pea. Perhaps it was just the thickening agent. But it didn’t make the sauce any less delicious.


I finished evening off with creme brûlée and coffee. The creme brûlée was soft and creamy and not too sweet. I considered getting the chocolate pate but decided that it might be a bit too rich. The creme brûlée was the perfect finish.

creme brûlée

The food at Twisted Lemon isn’t pretentious and the atmosphere was homey and comfortable. While we were waiting for our table, I told Denise and company about our experience at Lee. The food was good but the music was just a wee bit too loud for our liking. The dining experience was definitely top notch but I didn’t feel at all underdressed or like I didn’t quite belong there.

Dan Megna, owner and chef, came by our table at the end of our meal to see how things went. He was really nice. I’ve learned that chefs are awesome like that. Susur was really nice as well when we met him at Lee.

Cayuga is a bit out of the way but I’d definitely take another trip out there for the food.

Twisted Lemon
3 Norton St W
Cayuga, ON
N0A 1E0

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