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steak sandwich

Wednesday. 09. 5. 2012.

I think every place that serves steak claims to be *THE* original steakhouse.

Last Thursday, I went out for dinner with Denise and her husband, André, at the Tulip on Queen St W in Toronto. I didn’t have steak but I did have the steak sandwich.

My friends ordered steak and they looked pretty tasty. Nice crust and perfect thickness.

steak sandwich

This place is definitely not the Keg but I have to say that their food was pretty tasty. Their prices are also not the Keg prices. Steak sandwich: $9.95.

I asked for a rare/medium rare steak and was informed that they’d try their best since the steak was so thinly sliced. They did well. The meat was tender and juicy. My steak sandwich was served on a kaiser bun ’cause they ran out of baguette but that’s just fine, I’m not picky about the bread. They served the steak sandwich with a couple slices of white onion, coleslaw and fries (or home fries). I ended up taking half of the steak sandwich home.

I wish the steak sandwich came with fried onions. Mushrooms would have been nice as well. The white onion definitely added to the tasty.

Looking at their menu, they offer a pretty wide variety of food. Reminds me of Fran’s. They also have daily specials. For the price range that the Tulip offers, their food is pretty good.

The Tulip Steakhouse
1610 Queen St. E.
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 1G2

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