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let’s go to the ex

Wednesday. 09. 5. 2012.

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is also known as The Ex. It’s a fair that’s open for 18 days. I went this past Sunday with Tara before going to see The Offspring at Echo Beach. Ticket holders for events at Echo Beach and Molson Amphitheatre get free admission the day of the event.

There are convention halls with different themes and a midway with rides. My target on Sunday was the Food Building. There were so many places to choose from. It made deciding rather difficult.

Food Building

Tara’s choice was deep fried coke. Wikipedia says that it’s frozen Coca-Cola flavoured batter but I don’t think the one we had was a frozen batter. It’s made like a funnel cake except it’s shaped like a cake. Bits of deep fried coke flavoured batter. Then a coke syrup is drizzled on. It’s normally served with whipped cream but since they ran out, we got ice cream instead. I think ice cream is a better choice.

deep fried coke

deep fried coke

We shared the deep fried coke.

The fried bits were pretty good. With the vanilla soft serve, it tasted a bit like a coke float. The coke flavour was not so noticeable at the top. The deeper down the cup, the sweeter it got. Most of the fried bits at the bottom were inedible ’cause it was so sickeningly sweet.

We wandered into the arts and crafts hall to walk off the deep fried coke. Then went into the Farm Building to see the animals.

I like cows. I used to want a pet cow when I was a kid. As well as a duck. The cow and duck could be friends. I’d have ramps built so the cow can get into the house. I grew up in the city. I figured farm animals are much like regular pets except big and tasty.

I chose Far East Taco for dinner.

Far East Taco

I read somewhere that kimchi is the new hip thing to eat. Tara asked if it made her a hipster ’cause she’s been eating kimchi for years, way before it got so popular.

Food trends can be a good thing. A friend who moved out east to a smallish town once remarked that she’s lucky that her people (Indian/South East Asians) are so trendy ’cause she can get Indian food and ingredients at the local big chain supermarket.

Kimchi + Tacos = delicious

I got a spicy pork bao (steamed Chinese bun shaped like a taco) and a kalbi (Korean marinated beef short ribs) taco.

spicy pork & kimchi bao and kalbi taco

Apparently cheese is a topping. I didn’t expect it. The cheese is an unfortunate addition. It didn’t offer anything to the taste and was a bit grainy.

The spicy pork bao was really good. The bao is a little sweet which worked perfectly with the spicy pork’s saltiness. I could have used more kimchi and hot sauce. The kalbi taco was tender and tasty. It’s hard to pick out different flavours in something that has so much going on. I would have liked some of the seasonings to have a bit more punch.

After Far East Tacos, I’ve decided that today’s Korean food shall become tomorrow’s tacos.

The Offspring show was AWESOME.

I can’t believe I waited this long to see them live. I’ve been listening to them since I was 12. “Self Esteem”, “Gotta Get Away” and “Come Out and Play” would definitely make my top 10 favourite songs. Ahhh… back in the day when I’d skateboard with the boys and swim in the Credit River.

Self Esteem (The Offspring)

Their recent album, Days Go By, has been my running soundtrack.

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  1. Wednesday. 09. 5. 2012. 5.07 am

    Used to love the EX – both in Toronto and Ottawa. Alas, the Ex is no more in Ottawa! Can’t say I miss that gluey stuff they pass off as food, though. Those tiny donuts were pretty irresistible, however – haha

    • Wednesday. 09. 5. 2012. 5.10 am

      Tiny Tom Donuts? They are fantastic. It’s such an essential part of any Canadian childhood. I wish I had the stomach space to have some tiny donuts.

      • Wednesday. 09. 5. 2012. 5.14 am

        Yes! Tiny Toms! I can’t eat them any more either – sigh. But if I had to choose between them and frozen coke, I sure know what I would pick…

  2. Thursday. 09. 6. 2012. 2.04 am

    When you visit NS you should try to visit in September. There is an open farm weekend in NS and NB, not sure about PEI. You get to meet farmers and see animals. You could pet a cow! I was fortunate to grow up in the boonies, we had pigs, and my grandmother had a farm, so I hung out with farm animals a lot.

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