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pastel de nata

Friday. 08. 24. 2012.

I LOVE egg tarts. It is such an important part of my childhood. I have yet to meet someone who does not like egg tarts. When I was young, the choices of egg tarts were only between flakey crust and short crust. These days there are way more choices. There are ones with only egg whites. My favourite are these mini egg tarts with short crust from this one bakery in Mississauga (Akko Cake House).

egg tarts

But this post is not about egg tarts. A theory is that egg tarts evolved from the Portuguese custard tart (pastel de nata). I can totally see that.


Back when I was working at Mad Scientist (in Kensington Market), I used to get coffee from the coffee place on the corner of Augusta and Baldwin. For a while I’d get a custard tart with my coffee. One per day is my limit ’cause they are considerably sweeter than the Chinese egg tart. The custard in a pastel de nata is much gooey-er and the crust is flakey but a different kind of flakey. It’s like a croissant flakey rather than pie crust flakey.

The other day I was in Georgetown and found myself a Portuguese bakery while I waited for my mom and brother to finish at the doctor’s office. It would have been a crime not to have a tart. It’s perfect with a cup of coffee or strong tea.

Portuguese custard tart (pastel de nata)
@Traditional Tastes Bakery & Café, Georgetown, ON

Portuguese custard tart (pastel de nata) & coffee
@Lisboa Bakery & Grill House, Milton, ON

I had another at the Lisboa Bakery & Grill House in Milton the other day.

Unfortunately neither of these tarts were as good as the ones I used to get in Kensington Market but they did the job. Perhaps I’ll do a pastel de nata tour. There are plenty of Portuguese bakeries in Canada.

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  1. Friday. 08. 24. 2012. 4.52 am

    I have never had an egg tart. I didn’t even know they were a thing until you wrote about them before!

  2. Friday. 08. 24. 2012. 9.15 am

    Love egg tarts from Hong Kong!!

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