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Thursday. 08. 16. 2012.

While I was visiting family in Kansas City, I realized that I was in fried chicken country. I did some searching and came across a few places with some decent recommendations. There was even a place that served pig ear sandwiches.

My cousins and I went to Sandy’s Restaurant in Blue Springs by my aunt’s recommendation.

We ordered an appetizer basket (pickles, corn dogs, mushrooms, onion rings, cheese filled jalapeños, mozzarella, green beans, chicken liver, and chicken gizzards; all deep fried.) with a side of white gravy and a side of ranch dressing. I had heard of the infamous fried pickles but never had one before going to Sandy’s. They were pretty good. I approve and would give them another try. The deep fried chicken liver was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I love liver. I rather liked the deep fried green beans dipped in white gravy.

appetiser basketAppetizer basket

fried chicken liver
Deep fried chicken liver

fried pickle
Deep fried pickle

white gravy
White gravy

liver and onions with mashed potatoes, corn and brown gravy
Liver and onions

I considered getting chicken fried chicken but decided to go with liver and onions instead since we were already having a basket of fried goodies. The liver was well made. It wasn’t dry or over cooked. It was good but not as good as the liver and onions I had in Germany. The Germans really know how to make awesome pork.

The corn was sweet. That’s something I really miss while living in Sweden. There is no sweet corn. I’m seriously looking forward to the sweet corn that should be available soon in Canada. MMM… peaches and cream… so sweet.

I wish I got to try more places but this sort of food is not something I should have everyday without doing some serious manual labour afterwards.

Sandy’s Restaurant
1428 U.S. 40
Blue Springs, MO 64015
(816) 295-1325

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