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my favourite place in KC

Wednesday. 08. 15. 2012.

My parents sent me to my aunt’s place in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri when I was 16 for a couple of weeks in the summer. I went there for a couple of weeks in the summer for a few years after that. Then I used to go there in the summer and around Christmas to visit my family who had moved down to run a Americanised-Chinese restaurant. I’ve tried to go see my aunt and the rest of the family in the last few times I was in Canada.

I’ve always loved steak. I used to eat mine blue-rare. My aunt took me to Houston’s when I was a teenager and it’s been a favourite since. There used to be 2 locations but now there’s only the one in the Kansas City Country Club Plaza neighbourhood.

The quality of their steaks are just top notch. These days I only order their prime rib. The last time I was there, they had creamed corn seasons with jalapeños that was quite delicious. I keep meaning to replicate it.

Their meat is always very tender and well aged. It often requires very little knife work. It’s beefy in taste but not gamey beefy. I have never had an over done steak. I often eat the prime rib without even dipping it in the jus.

It was also at Houston’s where I tried honey mustard dressing for the first time. The first time my aunt took me to Houston’s, she recommended getting the traditional salad with honey mustard and hot bacon. I haven’t ordered my salad any other way since.

There’s a Fogo de Chao across the street from Houston’s. I would recommend heading over to Houston’s if you want really really good meat. Fogo de Chao is ok and it’s an all-you-can-eat but I’d go to Houston’s for the higher quality. As you can see, the prime rib at Houston’s is not a small portion. I always leave with leftovers.

traditional salad with honey mustard & hot baconTraditional salad with honey mustard and hot bacon.

prime rib with french friesPrime rib with french fries, jus and horseradish.

4640 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 561-8542

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