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Saturday. 08. 11. 2012.

Since our trip to Miami, I have daydreamed about the delicious Mexican food available in the States.

Pancho’s is a place in Blue Springs, Missouri with cheap and DELICIOUS Mexican food. It’s definitely not fancy (my sort of place) and the portions are HUGE.

fish tacos with beans and rice2 fish tacos with beans and rice

super nachoSuper nachos

California burrito with beans and rice
California burrito with beans and rice

rolled tacos with beans and riceRolled tacos with lettuce and guacamole and beans and rice.

We ordered 2 fish tacos, a super nacho, a couple of California burritos, rolled tacos, and beans and rice. All the food and a couple of fountain drinks cost less than $40. We took a burrito home as well as a big box of leftover nachos and beans and rice.

I had the fish tacos and it was so good. I had fish tacos the night before at Cheddars that were nowhere as good as the fish tacos at Pancho’s. I probably shouldn’t have eaten both tacos but I did and it was worth it. The fish was crispy but not greasy. The salsa was super fresh and the coleslaw on top was not too mayo-y. I’m not usually a fan of refried beans outside of home. I usually cook mine with chicken stock so it’s tastier but I rather liked the beans at Pancho’s.

The super nachos was a mountain of crunchy tortilla chips with guacamole, refried beans, sour cream, steak pieces, salsa and cheese. It looks like they gave us everything except the kitchen sink.

I didn’t try the California burrito ’cause it had sour cream and cheese but it looked pretty good. It was huge. My 2 15-year old cousins shared one. It’s steak, potatoes, sour cream, guacamole? and cheese. The girl at the counter recommended the Texas burrito (chicken instead of steak) when I asked what she recommended but I was hankering for fish tacos.

They also had an assortment of Mexican drinks to offer. We went with pink lemonade ’cause that’s what the kids wanted.

I wish I found out about this place last week ’cause then I would have had another chance for more Pancho’s. Perhaps I’ll go for a late night run… or early morning run before I go back to Canada. Did I mention that they’re open 24 hours?

Pancho's Mexican Food, Blue Springs, MO

Pancho’s Mexican Food
802 SW Us Highway 40
Blue Springs, MO 64015
(816) 224-1004

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