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to love yourself

Wednesday. 08. 1. 2012.

An acquaintance posted this on their Facebook wall the other day:

And then I read about Zoe Smith’s rebuttal to the RIDICULOUS comments made towards her and other female weightlifters:

Oh yeah. Someone also made a comment last night about how thick my legs are. (I’ve always had very thick, muscular legs. Skinny jeans are so out of the question, it’s not even funny.)

I’m feeling just a little bit muffed.

I recall a conversation I had with someone, a guy. The topic was on lingerie and I said that I couldn’t understand how women are supposed to be sexy in ridiculous underwear when they’re so uncomfortable. Their reply was that women look sexy therefore would feel sexy. I firmly stated that if I wasn’t feeling comfortable, there was no way I was gonna feel sexy. We ended up agreeing to just drop the subject.

Seriously tho!

Let’s take the thong as an example. If you’ve never worn a pair, you would never know that constant wedgie feeling. Not to mention the fact that there’s nothing that is protecting your butt from the chaffing inside of a pair of jeans. NOTHING! I assure you that if the trend was for guys to wear thongs, they’d never bother.

Leads me to point out that when it comes to dude underwear, it’s all about comfort and space and the freedom to move. But when you walk into any lingerie store, there are pieces that look more like a horse’s bridle and use less material than a shoestring.

Guys get to model in cotton underwear that aren’t pushing their parts into unnatural forms. I assure you that they’re not trying to pick out a wedgie throughout a photo shoot. Whereas women are strapped into bras that pinch and mash their breasts together because cleavage is sexier than natural breasts. I’m sorry but my boobs simply don’t come that close to each other.

Then there’s the way women are supposed to “upkeep” themselves.

When guys don’t shave, they’re “rugged”. When women don’t shave, they’re “a beast”. What the hell, people?!

I’ve been saying this for YEARS but let me say it again. Hair is natural. Looking like a naked mole rat is not. It’s a disorder called alopecia totalis.

Not to mention, do you know how f’ing annoying it is to try to shave some of these parts women are expected to shave? Not to mention the regrowth itch. Sometimes it’s not even noticeable.

I stopped shaving my legs for years and did a few weeks ago (well, I waxed). I asked Fredrik if he noticed that I had shaved legs after a week of being home and he was like “Ummm… no.”

I’m not a skinny girl. I know it, especially when I have had to live with my body 24/7 for the last 29 years. I’ve always had a belly, even when I was swimming competitively. My legs are often too thick to fit into leggings so I usually have to buy a size up but then they’re all loose at my butt.

I had an ex that used to call me fat. He was joking but it used to make me feel terribly self conscious. He had to reassure me on quite a few occasions that I wasn’t fat and that I was being ridiculous for believing in him.

I love physical activity not because I’m trying to lose weight (I’ve always weighed more than I look/BMI dictates). I love it because I get restless and need to move around. I think going on a diet is ridiculous and frankly think food should be enjoyed and not restricted.

It’s MENTAL what a Victoria Secret “angel” has to do to prep for their annual lingerie show.

I frankly have better things to do with my life. No plans to make a living of my appearance!

I would NOT want to put myself through that even if I would get the kind of body they have. Can you imagine the kind of stress it does to their organs. Not to mention, how many “angels” get to stay angelic after they hit 35? How are people going to remember them? As another woman that walked down the runway trying their hardest not to pick out a wedgie? No thanks.

I’d rather look like Nigella Lawson and enjoy my food like I mean it.

I am very content with the way I am and intend to stay that way.

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  1. Thursday. 08. 2. 2012. 3.09 pm

    Amen, sister. 🙂

  2. Tuesday. 08. 14. 2012. 12.39 am

    I rather love the last clip on her food show when Nigella goes into the fridge and picks at leftovers. Now that is reality tv!

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