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the owl of minerva

Thursday. 07. 26. 2012.

Correction… that’s the FAMOUS Owl of Minerva.

Before I went back to Sweden, I went for Korean food with my friend Tara.

People often ask what I miss about Canada. My answer is usually the multiculturalism. The big cities in North America are especially known for their pockets of ethnic groups. In these pockets are restaurants that cater to those in the community. Chinese food in Chinatown is geared towards the Chinese immigrants. No chop suey there. Well… there probably is.


We went to The Famous Owl of Minerva in North York.


Tara had been to the one in K-town in Toronto but we were in North York so we went to the North York location. We ordered the stir fried rice cake with seafood and stir fried cellophane noodles. 3 kinds of kimchi came with the meal.

stir fried rice cake with seafoodStir fried rice cake with seafood

stir fried cellophane noodlesStir fried cellophane noodles

assorted kimchiFrom top: daikon kimchi, cucumber kimchi, nappa cabbage kimchi

My experience with Korean food has been fairly limited. Aside from bibimbap, galbi/kalbi and Korean BBQ, I don’t really know what else to eat. Tara knows more about Korean things than me. She recommended the two dishes that we ordered. I’d love to try some other dishes at some point.

There are a few Korean restaurants in Stockholm and they seem pretty authentic, although not as many varieties of dishes. In my recent trip to Canada, I bought a grill so that we could have Korean BBQ at home. I made a really good marinate a while back for some short ribs using conference pears instead of Asian pears.

The meal came to ~$20 including tip. They apparently operate LATE into the night. (Something I like about big cities. Can always find somewhere to eat at any hour.)

The Famous Owl of Minerva
5324 Yonge St
North York, ON M2N 5P9
(416) 221-7275

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