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stuff yourself with great vegetarian food

Tuesday. 07. 10. 2012.

When I lived in Toronto, I worked across the street from King’s Cafe in Kensington Market. Their food was alright. I LOVED their soy drumsticks but their food was expensive. $6.99 for 6 soy drumsticks is a once-in-a-while treat.

Before I moved to Sweden and when I’m back for a visit, my friends and I always go to Buddha’s Vegetarian Kitchen on Dundas. The food is great and it’s cheap too. The owner is this sweet granny that makes you want to take her home.

Buddha's menu

Singapore style vermicelli

"mock duck"

The portions are huge. It’s best to go as a big group or bring a tupperware container or 2. Worry not, they will doggy bag your leftovers if you didn’t bring your own container. A “small” soup is often enough to feed up to 4 people.

They claim to have Hong Kong style vegetarian. What that means, I have no idea. I’ve never had other styles of Chinese vegetarian. Perhaps this is something I could look into.  😀

We usually order the “mock duck”, yam rolls, Singapore style vermicelli and fried e-fu noodles. The fried wonton is also really good. They make one of the best sweet and sour sauce (comes with yam rolls and fried wonton). We usually eat till we’re near sick and there’d still be leftovers.

Just don’t go on Tuesday, that’s when they’re closed.

Buddha’s Vegetarian Restaurant
666 Dundas St W.
Toronto, ON
(416) 603-3811

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