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Portland, Maine pt 4

Tuesday. 07. 10. 2012.

For dinner on Sunday we went back to Three Sons and got 5 soft shell halves (1½ lb lobsters) and 5 lb of steamers. We need our fix before we headed back home. Soft shell lobsters are newly moulted lobsters. Their shells are leathery which means no need for a claw cracker. The meat is also sweeter and more tender. We wanted to get some selects (2+ lb lobsters) but they were sold out. We also got a 4 pack of Capt’n Eli’s Ginger Beer.

UntitledMy “little” brother showing off a lobster. He’s really not so little. He’s been taller than me for years.


Capt'n Eli's Ginger Beer

Capt’n Eli’s Ginger Beer is not as good Bundaberg but it was still pretty tasty. I would not complain if I could get it in Sweden.

I stopped by the Whole Foods in Portland to get a bunch of “souvenir” beers for Fredrik.

Souvenirs for F from Maine. The best souvenirs are the consumable kind.

We drove home on Monday. I was hoping to find the place Denise and I ate at in New Lebanon in 2007 but I got a bit lost and didn’t realize that New Lebanon was in New York rather than Massachusetts. I would have liked to get another serving of fried seafood. Instead we stopped in Springfield and got Burger King. They had sweet potato fries and they were pretty good. Especially paired with Kung Pao dipping sauce.

sweet potato fries   kung pao dipping sauce

We opted to have “dinner” in Canada. We got into Mississauga around 11 and went to Pho Do Thi on Dundas by Hurontario. I love Vietnamese food. We ordered bún thịt nướng (grilled pork, cane shrimp and meat balls on top of a vermicelli noodle salad) and beef phở. We don’t normally go to this place for phở but our usual place wasn’t open at that hour (at least not that we knew of). The food was pretty good but the cane shrimp and meat balls had way too much food colouring.

Untitled     Untitled

I’d love to go back to Portland. Especially with Fredrik. I also wish I had another helping of Vietnamese food before I left Canada.

Pho Do Thi
25 Dundas St E
Mississauga, ON L5A 1V9
(905) 615-9696

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