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Portland, Maine pt 2

Thursday. 07. 5. 2012.

As soon as I connected to the hotel’s wifi, I looked up a place for dinner. My search for a seafood market on Yelp lead us to Three Sons Lobster & Fish.


This place was exactly the sort of place I was hoping for. It’s not a restaurant but they do offer cooking of the lobster, steamers and crab for nearly nothing. Outside of the place are picnic benches where you can dive right into your order.


The first night, we got 4 hard chix (~1 lb lobsters), 1½ lb of steamers, 2 corn on the cob and 2 bowls of chowder.

Steamers are soft-shell clams. ( We had steamers years ago on another vacation in Massachusetts. We had no idea you were supposed to pull off the skin on the siphon tips at first. The first few were pretty gritty. Then I figured out that you’re not supposed to eat the skin and the bowl of water was to rinse off the grit and mud. Steamers live under the surface of the mud. We never found them again until now ’cause at the time, we had no idea what kind of clams they were.


Because we were paying actual market price for all the food and cooking cost was only $1, the total came to ~$51 for 4 people to eat. At a restaurant, we would have paid easily $20 per lobster.

The place gets a bit busy around dinner time but what do you expect?

Three Sons Lobster & Fish
72 Commercial St # 3A  Portland, ME 04101
(207) 761-0825

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  1. Saturday. 07. 7. 2012. 2.47 am

    That’s pretty cool. I’m not sure there’s anything like that in the Maritimes. My parents used to go down to Maine at least once a year back in the 90s, then the dollar was bad so they stopped. People are starting to do the cross border shopping more now though. We used to go to Portland, and Freeport is nice too. I haven’t been to the US since 1995 though.

  2. Saturday. 07. 7. 2012. 3.57 am

    I told my parents that we should head to the Maritimes to try out Canadian lobsters to compare. My dad and I love the ocean. We used to go to Cape Cod when I was younger. Maybe my next trip out East will allow me to hang out with you. 🙂
    I know Icelandair flies to Halifax.

  3. Tuesday. 07. 10. 2012. 11.43 pm

    It sure does! I flew with them when I went to Norway.

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