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i <3 korean bbq

Saturday. 06. 30. 2012.

Went for Korean BBQ last night with my friends.

I love Korean BBQ. Lots of restaurants have opened in Toronto in the past 5 years. For about $20, most places are all-you-can-eat. A grill sits in the middle of the table and you’re provided with an assortment of marinated thinly sliced meat and fish. It essentially is cook your own dinner but it’s fun and tasty. Especially the short ribs. There’s also an assortment of side dishes, like kimchi and pickled daikon.

Korean BBQ

We have a portable butane stove at home that we use for hot pot. I bought a grill plate and will hopefully be having Korean BBQ in Sweden. Just wish the shop would get an electric band saw so we can have the L.A. style short ribs.

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