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in Canardia

Wednesday. 06. 27. 2012.

I’m in Canada for a couple of weeks.

I flew through Reykjavik and while I was there, I got 8 pieces of sushi and coffee for $20. I’ve heard from others about how expensive Iceland is. I suppose I also have to factor in the ridiculousness of airport prices. Surprisingly, the sushi was pretty decent for food court style sushi.

sushi & coffee

In contrast to the $20 sushi and coffee, I went to an Indian take out place across the street from my grandparents’ place and bought 5 samosas for $1. Roti for $0.40 each. Less than $5 for a full meal.


If I was living in Canada instead of Sweden, I don’t think I’d bake/cook nearly as much. Eating out can be cheaper and WAY more delicious than what I can do at home.

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