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butter + sugar

Monday. 06. 18. 2012.

For the past few months, I’ve been feeling a bit down about cooking. The other day, I realized that I started feeling that way since I brought cookies to school and some of my classmates rejected them. I’m so used to people being happy about me bringing baked goods that this felt like I had failed somehow and I should just not bother with cooking/baking anymore. I’m aware of the ridiculousness. What’s more ridiculous is the fact that I don’t even like these people. Fuck ’em, I say.

After the realization, I started wanting to cook/bake. I went with my nemesis, the individual tart. I also have had a craving for butter tarts.

butter tarts

As you can see from the picture, they looked pretty good. I recently bought a set of round pastry cutters. I took my time with the pastry (made it over 2 days) and initially didn’t add any water to the dough. It was too dry and crumbly at first so I misted it with water. The result was no shrinkage. In my previous attempts, the dough would shrink in the blind baking process.

My nemesis really is the pastry.

Everything was going great. EXCEPT…

The filling wasn’t quite set after I pulled it out of the oven the first time and then some of the tart bottoms failed when I was trying to loosen them from the muffin tin. I knew from before that the muffin tin might be a problem but I didn’t have any alternatives at the time. I think I’ll go to a restaurant supply store when I’m in Toronto and get some tart moulds.

Some might be broken but they’re still delicious. I can also say that I conquered the pastry issue. Think I’ll be ready to experiment with making egg tarts in the nearish future.

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