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potstickers dumpling bar

Saturday. 06. 16. 2012.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with a friend at Potstickers Dumpling Bar. We were in the area and she was hungry.

A number of dumpling restaurants have popped up throughout Stockholm. As I quote one website, “dumplings are the new sushi.” Whatever that means.

Lunch starts at 88kr and you get 6 dumplings (choice of 2 varieties), a side dish (extra 10kr if you want choy sum), choice of ice tea, jasmine tea or watermelon drink and a dipping sauce. I’m not so keen on restaurants charging for things like dipping sauces. I think it’s like asking customers to pay extra for salt. I suppose it cuts down on waste.

I got pork and ginger dumplings and peking duck dumplings, choy sum, watermelon drink, and chilli and garlic dipping sauce.

If you’re new to this blog, let me tell you that I try not to eat dumplings outside of home. I’m rather picky about my dumplings. I’ve tried the frozen variety in my college years but they were often too greasy and made me sick. The dumplings that I have tried from the outside world have mostly been disappointing so I generally stay away from them all together.


These dumplings were… ok. I could have more of the duck ones. If it were not for the hoisin sauce in the duck dumplings, I’d say that the dumplings were all pretty bland. The chilli and garlic dipping sauce wasn’t very spicy or garlic-y.

While we were waiting for our order, I saw that they steamed the dumplings and then “toasted” them a little on an electric griddle. Unfortunately, they failed to toast them long enough to create that delicious crust.


Inside a pork and ginger dumpling

inside the pork & ginger dumpling

Choy sum with oyster sauce

choy sum

As you can see from the photo, the choy sum is quite drenched in oyster sauce. In Toronto, when you order choi sum or kai lan with oyster sauce, the sauce often comes on the side. Getting it covered in oyster sauce is like getting an order of fries covered in ketchup.

Don’t think I’ll be going back to this place anytime soon but I will say that they didn’t have the worst dumplings I’ve ever had.

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