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om nom nom croatia

Tuesday. 06. 12. 2012.

The thing I was most looking forward to in our vacation was all the seafood. Logic dictates that settlements by a body of water would have really good seafood and know how to cook it properly. This logic generally works except here in Sweden.

I was NOT disappointed by Croatia’s offerings. We ate calamari for nearly every meal. The only disappointment was the grilled scampi. Scampi in Croatia turns out to be langoustines. The grilling unfortunately dries out the meat. I wished they cooked them in other ways. I think steaming or boiling would have been fantastic. I kind of wished we were staying in an apartment/room with a kitchen.

We ate as much seafood as we could because we knew we couldn’t get seafood this fresh in Sweden. The only fish that wasn’t so good was the tuna? in the last seafood platter we had on the whole trip. We ended up feeding most of it to a stray cat that was hanging out by our table.

black risotto with squid, zucchini & eggplant

Black risotto with squid, mussels, zucchini & eggplant
The black is from squid ink. Fredrik was a bit skeptical about eating risotto at first because he has had so many overcooked risotto. The Croatians know how to cook their risotto.

grilled calamari & fresh fish

Grilled calamari & fresh sea bream

grilled sardines & scampi

Grilled sardines & scampi (langoustines)
I have always wanted to try grilled sardines. I used to watch travel/cooking shows about the Mediterranean and wish I could get grilled sardines. They turned out as delicious as I imagined.

One of the things Fredrik was looking forward to eating in Croatia is ćevapčići/ćevapi. I was not as keen since my previous experiences with it was not so enjoyable. The ćevapčići/ćevapi I’ve had before were made with lamb. Luckily for me, the ones we had in Croatia were made of pork and beef/veal. They were DELICIOUS.

1st ćevapčići in Croatia

Our first ćevapčići/ćevapi. Pork and veal. The bread was most interesting. It was like a pita but the inside was spongy and soft. It was REALLY good. The only regret we had was not going back to this place for ćevapčići/ćevapi before we left.

last ćevapčići in Croatia

Our last ćevapčići/ćevapi. It was unfortunately not as good as the first one. The ćevapčići/ćevapi was a bit drier. I think it was beef rather than veal and the bread was not as good.

I love going to markets in new places. Markets = local food for cheap


Burek (örek)

meat & onion burek

Meat and onion filled burek

It reminded me of kreatopita (Greek meat pie). It isn’t made with phyllo pastry but it was some sort of flaky pastry. It was a perfect accompaniment to the roasted suckling pig we got at the market.

roasted suckling pig

We saw a man in a roasted chicken stand take down a roasted suckling pig. We knew we had to have some of it. It was so good. The guy that sold it to us looked rather pleased by our excitement. Nothing beats a picnic in a park with a chunk of roasted suckling pig, meat and onion filled burek, fresh bread and peaches.

dry, sad salami sandwich @ Split airport

Salami sandwich @ Split airport

It seemed so wrong that the last food we ate in Split was sad, dry sandwiches. There wasn’t even a smear of butter!

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  1. Tuesday. 06. 12. 2012. 10.55 pm

    All the pics look great! Ps Croatia is known for their white truffles-you should try some of those!

    • Tuesday. 06. 12. 2012. 10.57 pm

      I’ve read about it but I didn’t see it in any of the food. I think they’re more popular in the north. We did bring some truffles home. I’ve never had truffles before. I’m looking forward to it.

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