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curse you lactose intolerance!

Friday. 06. 1. 2012.

Fredrik and I went to the supermarket last Friday. It was sample Friday. I can’t say with certainty that all supermarkets have samples on Fridays but I’ve been to more than one here in Sweden that have an array of samples available on Fridays.


Cheese samples are quite common here. The Swedes love cheese. From the sampling, I found a cheese that I liked. This is not something that happens often. I often describe cheese as smelling like feet and tasting like ass. (NO. I have not tasted ass.) I used to walk as quickly as possible past the larger cheese counters at some supermarkets when I was a kid ’cause I found the smell to be so revolting.

So I have found a tasty cheese. This cheese is called Port Salut (Don’t think it’s the same Port Salut on wikipedia.). It’s very mild and soft and doesn’t smell and gives me one hell of a stomach ache. But it’s so tasty…
Because of this cheese… I ate my first ham and cheese sandwich. EVER. It was tasty. Then my stomach cramped up.

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