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things you learn after getting your tonsils removed

Friday. 05. 18. 2012.

I ate a hamburger today.

Hamburgers are not exactly on the list of things recommended for someone who just had a tonsillectomy. (I’m ok, by the way.)

That’s not to recommend eating a hamburger days after a tonsillectomy. I was curious as to what I could and couldn’t eat.

After the tonsils come out, a scab forms over the back of your throat. I don’t recommend googling this ’cause it’s kinda freaky looking. This scab is good. Do NOT try to get rid of the scab by eating toast. (Read about that on a forum and the idea made me tremble thinking of the pain.)

So the foods you’re suppose to eat is not supposed to rip the scab and damage the already damaged mucus membrane. The foods you’re supposed to eat is also supposed to not make your throat fluctuate too much. Leading to ripping and bleeding and crying.

Talking makes your throat fluctuate. As well as moving your neck too much. I learned that yesterday when I was trying to wash my hair. No sudden neck movements here!

So the hamburger. It was a McDonald’s hamburger.

Last night I made this tofu soup with mince beef. I made sure to really break up the meat during cooking so they were smaller than peas. That went down ok.

So today, on my way to drop off Fredrik, I decided to give a hamburger a try. I figured that I should be ok if I took small bites and chewed really well.

It turned out ok. Although I think a whole hamburger was a bit too much work for my throat ’cause now it’s a bit sore.

But the most interesting thing was the hamburger.

Normally I eat a McDonald’s hamburger in like 5 bites. Most of the time I find myself eating one is when I’m in a hurry and I’m ready to eat someone’s arm.

Eating the hamburger slowly and chewing it really well changes the way the hamburger tastes. It wasn’t as good as it normally was.

Taking big bites from the hamburger obviously leads to a larger area of burger being mixed. When you take small bites, you really notice the pockets of ketchup, salt, mustard, and/or onion. Chewing it thoroughly also leads to a longer experience of those tastes.

I know that eating at a leisurely pace as well as thorough chewing is often advised but today I learned that a McDonald’s hamburger is not something you savor.

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