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good bye tonsils

Monday. 05. 14. 2012.

After years of being plagued by tonsillitis, my tonsils are coming out.

My tonsillectomy is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’ve been prepping with soft foods for the days of healing to come.

Aside from making mango jello and stocking our freezer with ice cream, I’ve also made “egg pudding”. Think creme brûlée but without the hard caramel top and steamed instead of baked. They’re some of my favorite childhood foods.

I’ve made both savory and sweet versions. The savory version is called “water egg” and the sweet version is “braised egg”. At least that’s what they’re called around my house. The sweet version is made with milk instead of water.

I tried to make the sweet version the other day but had no idea what was the correct ratio of egg and milk. I kind of fudged it and was left with a tough sponge like thing that was no good. No good at all.

After searching the internet for some guidance, I went with 3 half egg shell full of water/milk per egg. The result was perfect. I had to guess a bit with the time but both sweet and savoury versions came out pretty close to perfect.


When I was a kid, I’d mix the savoury version with my rice. My mom used to say that it that it was perfect for kids ’cause it was easy to eat and good for you. She usually uses store bought chicken stock but since I can’t get that here, I mixed in some chicken bouillon powder.

The sweet version is basically the filling of an egg tart.

If they get steamed for too long, they can get tough and sponge like.  My mom uses a toothpick to check for doneness. If the toothpick stands a bit in the middle, then it’s done. You don’t want it to stay standing ’cause then it could be closer to overdone.

Try not to mix the egg too much because the bubbles will make the surface a bit tough.

I had totally forgot that the set of pots that I bought came with a steamer attachment. It’s pretty awesome ’cause then I won’t have to pull out my big steamer pot when I just want to steam something small.


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