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the day before the day of May

Monday. 04. 30. 2012.

I’d love to say with certainty that spring is upon us in Stockholm but we all know that weather and certainty don’t mix. Especially in countries like Sweden and Canada. I don’t usually put out our indoor plants till after Victoria Day weekend. It is, however, good enough weather to bring the tomato plants out for some sun and conditioning. This years plants appear to be shorter than last year’s but fuller in foliage. Taller plants don’t necessarily mean better plants. Last year’s light source was not as good as this year’s.



Catnip for the kitties.




Just thought I’d post a few pictures of the kitties since it’s been a while.



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  1. Monday. 04. 30. 2012. 2.26 pm

    You’re having better luck than us here in the UK!! We’ve had the worst possible Aprils in a long long time!

    • Monday. 04. 30. 2012. 2.45 pm

      Sorry to hear that. So far so good but we’ve had our downs. A few weeks ago it was nearly 20C for the whole week and then it snows over the weekend.

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