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Monday. 04. 23. 2012.


Deliciously crispy and tasty is right!

I <HEART> onion rings. I like them way more than french fries.

I used to go to this burger place called Jessie Burger in Mississauga for onion rings. The batter was thick and fluffy. I did not like the batter too much. I’d eat a couple battered ones and then just eat the onions pulled out of the batter in the rest. Whoever I was with usually ate the pieces of batter so nothing went to waste.

Harvey’s had really good onion rings.

I always got a bit sick from the grease but I just love onion rings.

I’m not a big fan of Burger King’s uniform sized onion rings but they’re still better than the fries.

THE Swedish fast food chain, Max, has really good onion rings but I’m not so fond of their burgers.


McDonald’s has onion rings. They’re delicious. They’re similar to Max’s and Harvey’s AND I like their burgers.

Thinking about them right now makes me want onion rings.

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  1. vlijtigeliesje permalink
    Monday. 04. 23. 2012. 8.58 pm

    Give it up for onion rings!

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