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after the chocolates

Tuesday. 04. 10. 2012.

Here’s an update on the tomato seedlings. I fed them their first dose of plant food. They appear to be growing less leggy than last year’s seedling. I’m thinking that it’s the better light setup.



Soon it will be time to pinch off the seed leaves and replanting into individual pots. I have to sort out the backyard. It hasn’t helped that the weather hasn’t been terribly great.

I’ll probably start the kale and swiss chard seeds towards the end of the month so I can transfer them outside as soon as possible unlike last year when they had to wait a bit too long ’cause I didn’t have anything set up outside.

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  1. Wednesday. 04. 11. 2012. 3.08 pm

    Your tomato seedlings appear to be doing very well. I’m just going to transplant mine from flats into pots today. Good luck with your growing season.

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