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oh baklava

Monday. 03. 26. 2012.

If you’ve never had a baklava, I highly recommend that you do so.

The first time I had baklava was at a friend’s house in junior high. Her father is Egyptian and would bring home baklava from the middle eastern bakery.

The first thing you’ll notice about baklava is that it’s drenched in syrup. This thing is SWEET. Then you’ll notice the layers of phyllo pastry. Baklava is just phyllo pastry filled with nuts, soaked in syrup. It’s delicious.

I prefer the pistachio kind. The ones with walnuts are ok too. I’ll be honest, I’m not discriminant when it comes to baklava.

I have had 1 bad baklava. It was at the Istanbul airport. It tasted lamb-y but I think it has to do with the butter they have in Turkey.

You can make your own baklava. (

I wouldn’t because I’d try to eat all of them in one sitting, not to mention there’s a supermarket near my home that sells them. I find that a 1 inch x 1 inch piece is often enough for me but there are days when I’ll eat more than 1 pieces at a time.

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