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we’ll settle at cultural differences

Wednesday. 03. 14. 2012.

So the neighbourhood we live in has a Facebook group and I’m a member of it. Not active. Just checking out what the neighbourhood is talking about and if the TV/internet goes down, I can check to see if it’s a neighbourhood thing or if it’s just us.

So the other day I come across a post from an upset neighbour complaining about someone’s cat climbing into their stroller that was left outside. Here’s the most interesting part, their kid was sleeping in the stroller.

Cat + sleeping baby is not a good thing. There has been cases where the cat smothered the baby. Unintentionally, I would hope.

So this neighbour had their panties in a knot because someone’s cat thought to snuggle up to their unattended sleeping child. Someone joked about complaining to the cat owner.

Am I the only one wondering why people are leaving their babies outside unattended?

A friend explained that this is rather common in Swedish society. The cooler temperatures allow the child to sleep better. I would imagine a better option is to put the kid in a bedroom with the window left ajar. She said that would cool down the whole house. Not if you close the bedroom door. Not to mention, the kid is only sleeping for a few hours. The window doesn’t have to be open all day. Or let the kid sleep in less clothes.

It just doesn’t seem right.

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  1. Sunday. 03. 18. 2012. 6.59 pm

    Yeah that is not something that would happen here, even in nice weather.

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