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Wednesday. 03. 7. 2012.

A few weeks ago, I went to F12 for a company dinner. It is a VERY swanky restaurant. They had this private dining room area for us and we were served a special tasting menu along with wine pairings. It was extremely luxurious and I’d love to do it again.

The meal started with a chicken liver pâté as amuse-bouche. I didn’t really like it ’cause I found it… fishy?

The first course was duck liver & ajou pears with hazelnut bread and toasted wine jelly. This was paired with a really sweet white wine. This was my first time having dinner with a wine pairing. I sat in between 2 of my bosses who guided me along the meal. It’s true when people talk about wines making food tastier and vice versa. The duck liver was so creamy and so good with the pears.

Then we had salt -poached pike-perch from lake Hjälmaren <à l’aioli> with soy beans, chili and garlic chives. I didn’t notice the chili but this was also delicious. I usually have a limit for fish but I think I could have eaten another helping of this fish.

Next we had milk-fed lamb from Pyrenées rôti with browned garlic and lemon-marinated carrots. Milk-fed lamb is unweaned lamb. Pyrenées is a mountain range between France and Spain. I had to look it up. The lamb was lambier than I would prefer it to be. This dish may have been my least favourite dish aside from the chicken liver pâté.

Then we had cantal aged 16 months with winter lettuce and quince. I don’t usually like cheese but this was delicious, especially with the quince purée.

Dessert was black currants & meringue with milk chocolate and burnt sugar. I didn’t like the chocolate jelly but everything else was delicious. It looked nice but I didn’t like chocolate in jelly form. It didn’t taste right.

I have photos of each dish but flickr seems to be acting up. I’ll insert them into the post as soon as flickr sorts itself out.

I think I’d like to go to this place with Fredrik for a tasting with wine pairing. The prices are unfortunately, Stockholm prices. 1 tasting menu with wine pairing is the price of the whole meal at Lee in Toronto. But I think it’s worth doing it at least once in a lifetime.

Restaurang Fredsgatan 12
Fredsgatan 12
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 24 80 52

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