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1 more thing to be proud of

Friday. 03. 2. 2012.

I overheard a conversation between these 2 girls in my class. The conversation was in Swedish. I’ll post it in English.

Girl A: “You weren’t born here?”
Girl B: “No. We moved when I was 6. I’m 21 now.”
A: “Wow. Your Swedish is really good. Do you speak it at home?”
B: “Not really. I do with my siblings.”
A: “Well, it’s excellent considering you don’t speak it at home.”


In Canada, if someone were to compliment my English (My family moved when I was 6.) after living there 15+ years, I wouldn’t call it a compliment. Frankly, it’s a little insulting.

I’m going to assume that girl A has not had much experience with non-Swedes.

In Canada, just because you’re white doesn’t mean you are born there and/or that your family speaks English at home. It’s rather common to go to a friend’s house and they speak a different language at home. I grew up in such a family.

Here, in Sweden, there’s a debate on whether children from households that speak a different language would ever learn the language properly. RIDICULOUS.

Why would there be the assumption that girl B would not have excellent Swedish after living here for 15 years and completing the Swedish school system in those 15 years?

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