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birds of a feather

Thursday. 02. 23. 2012.

The people in my program/class probably think I’m offish or can’t understand why I connected with the Spanish girl better than I’ve connected with them.

This isn’t a post where I’m announcing that I’m a big racist and don’t want to associate with Swedes. I don’t hate anyone and I apologize to those who gets that sentiment from this post.

I don’t have too many Swedish friends and of those who are Swedish, I don’t speak much Swedish with.

The reality is that I have yet to reach that level of comfort in speaking Swedish as I have with English.

This realization is rather interesting because I used to wonder why my parents had only Chinese friends. Now I understand. It’s not that they’re racist and only want to mingle within the Chinese community. It’s because English is a second language to them. They can function in the English speaking world but to be truly comfortable and express clearly, it’s just easier in Chinese.

As I described to a friend of mine about playing WordFeud in Swedish, WordFeud is what I do in my downtime and I take my downtime in English.

Hanging out with my friends is downtime and I would prefer to do it in English.

Now that’s also not to say that I would never have Swedish friends. I’m working on it. I’m just a tad picky at this point in my life because when I have to speak Swedish, I find myself a bit tongue tied at times because I’m struggling to remember a certain word or how to say something without sounding like a complete fool.

I might also point out that there are certain conversation topics that I have yet to encounter in Swedish and that is yet another hurdle to overcome. I remember being completely dumb in a conversation about music because that’s something I’ve always talked about in English.

It’s not the Swedes. It’s me.

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