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the chocolate chip cookie

Sunday. 02. 19. 2012.

Before I moved to Sweden, I had heard of the “Maryland cookie”. According to Wikipedia, “Maryland Cookies are a brand name of biscuit produced by Burton’s Foods in the UK.” I had my first “Maryland cookie” a few weeks ago. I guess it’s like Kleenex. People know a certain product by the brand name rather than the actual name.

The chocolate chip cookie is apparently the cookie your mother is supposed to have freshly baked when you returns home from school/baseball practice. So they would like non-North Americans to think. I have no memories of this. My mother doesn’t bake. Her oven is extra shelf space for her wok and various pots that don’t fit in the pot shelf.

I didn’t bake cookies until I moved to Sweden.

When you read the little bit about the author of a baking cookbook, there’s always something involving them baking at a young age with their grandmother/mother/strange lady that periodically showed up in their home to bake stuff. My mother did not bake, nor did my grandmother. My grandfather bakes but I never baked with him until this past Christmas.


I used to buy chocolate chip cookies. If you went down the cookie aisle, you’d see that there’s dozens? of varieties of chocolate chip cookies to choose from. I grew up watching Chips Ahoy! television ads. Then came Rainbow Chips Ahoy! My mother never bought them because they were the expensive brand. For a while, I knew chocolate chip cookies only as these round, sawdusty cookies with 1 or 2 sad booger size chocolate chips. Needless to say, I didn’t think they were such a big deal.

Then President’s Choice came out with The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie.

It was cheap and it was good. It wasn’t the cheapest but it was a price that my parents could come to terms with spending. It was REALLY good.

So I grew up eating The Decadent.

I eventually tried Chips Ahoy! but they were nothing to write home about.

I still remember baking chocolate CHUNK cookies, the first time I visited Fredrik as his girlfriend. Unlike North America, there were no chocolate chips available here in Sweden. I eventually found it at a supermarket a few years down the road but in some dinky little package that wasn’t enough for a quarter of a cookie recipe. (Baking soda also comes in a dinky little package.) So I bought a baking chocolate bar and hacked it up with a knife. Fredrik brought a box of cookies to rehearsal and returned proudly with an empty box.

The chocolate chip cookie may appear simple but is in fact much more complex than just a simple cookie.

Take the shortbread for example. The shortbread is expected to be buttery, crumbly and just melts in your mouth.

The chocolate chip cookie can be thin and crispy, thick and chewy, thick and cakey, crisp and chewy, soft and chewy, and the list goes on.

I prefer the thin and crispy if it’s not The Decadent.

I used to use a Martha Stewart recipe but the last time I made the cookies, they did not turn out as crisp as I had liked.

Today’s batch of chocolate chip cookies comes from A no egg recipe.

The results were good. The cookie is thin and crisp. The pecans are also a nice addition. The no eggs can also be a good thing ’cause there are days when the egg count is low and I’m too lazy to go out for groceries.


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