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in the oven for about… 5 hours

Thursday. 02. 16. 2012.

The initial plan was to oven roast a lamb neck and turn it into stew. But I took out the shoulder by mistake and by the time I realized this error, it was too late to put the shoulder back in the freezer and defrost the neck. So instead, I roasted the shoulder in a roasting bag with some leftover red wine, a few cloves of garlic, some rosemary and an onion.

5 hours in the oven and the result was this.

shoulder of lamb roasted with red wine

Not the prettiest food but it was DELICIOUS. Roasting parts like shoulder of lamb and pork belly are pretty much failsafe. The key is to do it for a long time at a low temperature so the connective tissue in the meat gets a chance to liquify. The meat was fall off the bone. But the absolute key is to find a good source of meat. This lamb came from a friend’s farm. I normally don’t like the taste of lamb but their lambs are as tasty as beef. Their beef was even tastier.

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