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mmm… wanton noodles…

Thursday. 02. 9. 2012.

My family is all about going to the same restaurant for years and years if we should find it really good. We were frequenting New Sky Garden for at least 15 years until my parents decided that driving an hour into downtown Toronto was too much of a hassle.

For a while, when I was a kid, my dad would take the family up to the Richmond Hill area for wonton noodles at this restaurant that had shrimp wontons the size of a child’s fist. Not sure if the Richmond Hill location is still there but there is a second restaurant that opened at Sheppard Ave. and Brimley Rd.

I never learned the name of the restaurant until my recent trip in Canada. Apparently it’s called Wonton Chai Noodle.

I’m fairly picky about wontons. I only like the all-shrimp variety.

wonton noodles + Chinese vegetables

Something I noticed at this place was the quality of the noodles. It did not get soggy as quickly as some of the noodles I’ve had at other places. Places including Swatow.

Wonton Chai has a fairly limited menu which I consider as a good thing. They’ve decided to focus on being really good at wonton noodles and if you want congee, you should go to the place that’s 3 shops down in the same strip mall. Aside from wonton noodles, they also have brisket noodles and fish ball noodles. They offer the traditional alkaline wonton noodles or ho-fen (broad rice noodles) or rice noodles. You can get the noodles in soup form or “dry” form.

This place also makes their own chilli oil which is available in jars for purchase. They also sell their wontons raw so people can cook it at home. I think $10 for a dozen.

Fredrik was thoroughly impressed by this place and thought the price was ludicrously cheap. $4.50 for a bowl of noodles with 4 giant wontons stuffed full of shrimps is a ludicrously good price.

Wonton Chai Noodles
4400 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON, Canada
+1 416-335-6326

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  1. Thursday. 02. 9. 2012. 11.46 am

    I’m so going to make you take me to this place when I come visit you in Toronto when you come to visit…

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