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willing to bet

Wednesday. 02. 8. 2012.

There are things that I do that I’m willing to bet that it’s just me.

In our recent trip to Canada, I got litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner. These bottles are outfitted with dispenser pumps and I noticed in the last couple hair washings that it makes me really happy that I am getting a portioned amount of shampoo/conditioner. I realized that I may not use up my conditioner well before I use up my shampoo, which is a problem I was often faced with. I’m aware that there are things I consider as a problem that may not register as a concern for other people.

Fredrik bought me a box of Ferrero Rocher after his business trip to German.

I usually eat Ferrero Rocher in “sections”. First I eat the chocolate hazelnut outside, then I eat the inside, one half at a time. When I was a kid, I’ve “saved” the inside.

I’m curious if anyone has a “way” of eating a Ferrero Rocher. I’d be interested in any other “ways” one eats anything else.

I eat corn one row at a time. Apples have to be cut into pieces ever since I got braces as a kid. The idea of biting into an apple makes me cringe.

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  1. Sunday. 02. 12. 2012. 7.49 pm

    I eat lemon meringue pie in layers. First the meringue, then the lemon filling, then the crust. I do eat other things like that too, but can’t think of anything right now.

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