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Wednesday. 02. 1. 2012.

When we lived in our previous apartment, I used to keep a tower of toilet paper (bundles stacked) behind the bathroom door. Our hall closet was full.

Fredrik’s friends wondered about our tower of toilet paper. Fredrik wondered at first as well but he’s learned to understand the method in my madness.

The reason for the tower is because I’d buy loads of toilet paper whenever it went on sale. Something I learned from my mother. Something I had assumed that everyone does. At least all my friends in Canada do.

Apparently not.

I was reminded of the tower (our toilet paper now lives upstairs in storage) when I was at the supermarket stocking up on the dishwasher tablets that are on sale. We have dishwasher tablets at home but these are more than 50% off! It’s not like they’ll go bad.

When cat food is on sale, we’ve emptied whole shelves into our shopping cart. Not like the cats are going to stop eating.

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