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Tuesday. 01. 31. 2012.

My parents bought us a portable stove for hot pot-ing and Korean BBQ.

Hot pot is apparently known as fondue chinoise. It’s basically a broth fondue. ( Apparently it’s also called steamboat but no one in my immediate circle calls it that.

My dad makes this amazing sauce for hot pot and he prepared a batch for me to bring back from Canada. It’s just not the same without the sauce. I should probably find out what he puts in it. I know that there’s sesame paste, shacha sauce, hoisin sauce and soy.


One of my favourite things to put into the hot pot are mushrooms. Especially the thin, noodle like enoki mushrooms. I also found a new mushroom at the Asian grocers.

Apparently they’re beech mushrooms. I’ve never had this mushroom before. Not even in Canada. They were pretty tasty.


I’ve always found mushrooms to be such fascinating things. All those finger-like projections are baby mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is something I’m rather interested in. Fascinating things they are.

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