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a swedish attempt

Friday. 01. 27. 2012.

I got this at the supermarket today.

If you haven’t been to Sweden, you won’t know that BBQ chips are not something that is commonly available. In fact, it’s not available at all until now.

Estrella is like Lays. We don’t have Lays. Doritos aren’t so popular here and pretty expensive.

Estrella has attempted the English classic, salt and vinegar. From what I’ve heard, it’s not very good. It’s no Walkers Crisps. I can get Walkers at work so there’s no point for me to try the Estrella salt and vinegar chips if they’re inferior.

So what did I think of Estrella’s attempt with BBQ chips?

I think they’ve failed to realize that BBQ chips also imparts the sweet flavours of BBQ sauce. Don’t think I’ll be buying it anymore.

When we were in Canada, we went to Whole Foods and got a couple bags of Boulder Canyon kettle chips: hickory barbecue and jalapeño cheddar. I do believe the hickory barbecue is one of the best BBQ chips I have had but then again, perhaps I should do a panel test. I did like the fact that the chip was a bit thicker cut. Before the Boulder Canyon chips, I used to prefer Hostess’ BBQ chips.

On a side note, the Estrella BBQ chips tasted better after a sip of Ardbeg Corrycreckan whisky.

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  1. Saturday. 01. 28. 2012. 12.35 am

    It’s hard to get a good BBQ chips these days.

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