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Wednesday. 01. 25. 2012.

You can go get your righteous shoes if you want. You can tell me how they serve no real meat. Then show me videos and photos of the mechanically separated chicken that goes into their McNuggets. Go on, cringe at the idea that I eat at McDonalds. Ask me if I’ve seen Supersize Me. (I have.)

At the end of the day, I will admit that I occasionally eat at the place everyone loves to hate. In fact, I get cravings for it.

You see, for me, McDonalds is more than just getting a meal. There are certain memories tied to the fast food chain. You can tell me that I should not eat for comfort but you know very well that eating is more than simply eating. Food is not only a source of nutrients and subsistence but also emotions and memories.

I remember going to McDonalds with my mom when we were living in Hong Kong more vividly than going to other food related establishments. I would get a McChicken which I could never finish, so she would eat the rest of the bun while I ate the rest of the chicken.

I remember getting McDonalds when I was sick because it was the only thing I’d eat willingly. I was a very picky eater when I was a child. (The doctor diagnosed me with malnutrition because I was such a picky eater.) When I was in grade 4, I was sick with the stomach flu. I got McDonalds on my way home from the doctor and vomited after I got home. I told my mom that my vomit tasted like McChicken.

I remember when I was a kid, you could get these coupons for half sized sundaes for Hallowe’en. I remember going to McDonalds with my mom with a bunch of these coupons right before they expired and bringing home the sundaes to keep in the freezer for later consumption.

I remember going to someone’s birthday party at McDonalds and ate an entire McChicken by myself. I was feeling kind of gross afterwards ’cause that was the most food I had ever eaten at that point in my life.

So the other day when I looked down at the hamburger in my hand, I wasn’t thinking only about the burger that I was eating, I was also thinking about my mom who only likes their hamburgers. I suppose I was also thinking about how I thought it’s pretty good and there’s no other hamburger like a McDonalds hamburger.

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  1. Wednesday. 01. 25. 2012. 7.25 pm

    I know the feeling. Mcdonalds has a lot of memories for me as well. And back before I knew I couldn’t eat wheat, there was no hamburger like a McDonalds hamburger!

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