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not really an artichoke

Friday. 01. 20. 2012.

I’ve read about the Jerusalem artichoke in cookbooks and heard chefs talk about it on tv but I have never sampled this “artichoke”. The reality is that a Jerusalem artichoke is not related to artichokes or from Jerusalem at all. A con-vegetable!

When we were in Canada, we ate Jerusalem artichokes at Susur Lee’s restaurant. It’s not something to write home about but it wasn’t bad either. It tasted like a root vegetable. Less flavourful than a parsnip. Kind of like a potato. They apparently make a good substitute for potatoes. It’s also apparently full of nutritional goodness.

There were loads at the supermarket the other week so I decided to try to cook it myself. I went with a soup since I had read about it most in soup form. I based my soup on potato and leek soup, substituted potatoes for Jerusalem artichokes. I used chicken bouillon powder for the stock.

It’s not the prettiest soup but it was a good soup. I used my stick blender to blend it all up. The Jerusalem artichokes didn’t seem to fall apart from boil like some potatoes do.

Jerusalem artichoke & leek soup

Apparently it’s also really easy to grow Jerusalem artichoke. The problem is getting it to stop growing. If I can find it, think I’ll give it a try.

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