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into the wilderness

Wednesday. 01. 18. 2012.

Last Thursday I saw my psychiatrist for the last time. Since he is part of the student health centre in my previous school, he is supposed to release me into the wilderness that is the state psychiatric system. It wasn’t our best meeting but I did manage to get him to send a referal for further testing.

Since I have been off Concerta for about 2 months, he concluded that everything was fine and that I no longer needed medication. I suppose not running into his office with a crisis means that everything is a-ok.

I can’t say that being off medication is doing me wonders but then again I’m not too sure about how things are being on medication. If only I can experience the same moments in life while on medication and at the same time off medication.

Further testing is always good though. Further testing means that I can have whatever it is that I am identified. Maybe I’ll find out that I’m in fact a guppy.

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