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Friday. 01. 13. 2012.

Fredrik and I were in Canada for the holidays and got back on Tuesday. I had such a good time with my family and friends. I’m going to assume that Fredrik had a good time as well.

Perhaps it was the lack of Effexor (first time visiting no taking any medication) or the fact that it was a year and a half since my last visit or the fact that I’m noticing that my family is aging but it was so hard to leave Canada. I cried before we left and I cried when we got home. I woke up in the middle of the night and started crying. Perhaps it was the combination of all 3.

So what did we do? Well… we ate. And ate. And ate. We ate with family. We ate with friends. We ate by ourselves.

Canadian maple donut & medium triple milk

haddock & chips

wonton noodles + Chinese vegetables

egg tarts

More food pictures:

I’ll be posting more precise posts about some of the places we ate at in Canada. This is just a brief roundup.

I was too optimistic about what I would accomplish school wise while we were in Canada but that’s ok. I managed to get my lab report done and I’ve decided that I’d “retake” the unit.

Seeing how well my friends are doing in their lives and being around family helped me so much mentally. I’m just super lucky to be surrounded by so many awesome people. While it was really upsetting to leave them, I am also grateful for the outcome of taking a chance by moving to Sweden to be with Fredrik. I’ve also met some pretty awesome people here. It just would be nice to have it all.

Damn it! I want it all!

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