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gotta teach ’em young

Friday. 01. 13. 2012.

I was at the local library today in hopes of getting some studying done. It didn’t exactly work out as well as I had hoped. The “study area” was occupied with some sort of meeting and I couldn’t sit still anymore after an hour.

I’m assuming that the library doesn’t get much traffic and very few students go there to study because the librarians were talking more than usual. Then this woman came with her kid. The librarian was showing her the large print section, where I was sitting nearby. Her kid had some sort of toy that made a spinning noise and for some reason, the kid (7-9 years old?) stuck by her mom playing with this toy. The thing that perplexes me most about this picture is the fact that the mom didn’t get her kid to go look for books in the children’s section. The kid was clearly bored and kids can always read more books.

I remember going to the library with my mother before I could read. My mother would never deny me or my brother of the library. Once we got to the library, I’d run off to my section and she’d go browse in the Chinese books section. I used to grab so many books that she had to put a limit on the amount of books I borrowed per visit (no more than 20).

When I got home I told Fredrik that when we have kids, we’ll be bringing them to the library regularly.

I think parents should encourage their children to read and use the library system. You really have to teach them while they’re young. Not reading is nothing to brag about.

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  1. Friday. 01. 13. 2012. 11.09 pm

    My nephews love to read! I didn’t read a whole lot when I was little but got into books more around age 10. Mom didn’t take us the library too often, but we did live in the boonies…

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