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tarts = personal pie

Tuesday. 12. 27. 2011.

I think the last time I made an attempt at making tarts was when I made butter tarts. I was so frustrated with the shell making that I ended up making only 6 tarts. The shells were too thick but the tart as a whole tasted fantastic. I traded a couple butter tarts for bagels with another Canadian friend of mine.

My most recent attempt at tart making turned out pretty well. I wouldn’t say great because there was some cussing and I remembered that I wanted to get a tart pan before I gave tarts another go. Plans are to purchase a tart pan. I’m considering a switch over to silicone. My mom has a couple of small moulds which I’m going to give a test run first.

apple tarts

As you can see, I piled on the apples. I “macerated” the apples first. (A fancy term for softening the apples in sugar.) When I blind baked the shells, they all shrank and were all uneven. I suppose you an call them “rustic”. I used a spoon to press them back into shape, sorta. I’ve always had some issues with my crusts shrinking. I looked it up on the inter web and it seems that I add too much water to my crust. Good Eat’s Alton Brown suggests using a spritz bottle to spray the dough with water until it comes together. Gonna give that a try. We usually have a spritz bottle for water ’cause we need to squirt the neighbour’s cat when he sits on our deck.


They turned out to be some fine tarts. Fredrik and I had a few and I took the remainder to my work as a treat before the Christmas madness started.

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