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steak sandwich

Sunday. 12. 11. 2011.

I used to live around the corner from House on Parliament in Toronto. My friends Noel and Ryan would give me a lift back to Mississauga to my parents’ place on Friday nights so I could spend the weekend with them and we got into the habit of going to there for dinner. We nicknamed it “Le pub”.

It was a nice cozy pub. At times, it was a bit cramped but overall it was a nice pub… with really good food. We at some seriously good food there. I remember the raspberry chocolate bread pudding that had Nutella in between the layers of chocolate cake. They also had this awesome roasted pepper and tomato soup with fennel. I need to try to replicate that soup.

When I didn’t order a special, I’d order their steak and stilton sandwich with a side of spinach salad with goats cheese. Well… I’d order that without cheese. My first time ordering this sandwich, I didn’t know that stilton is a smelly, smelly cheese. Never made that mistake ever again.

Today for lunch I made steak sandwiches with a side of spinach and not to gloat, I think I did a pretty good job. I used a couple of ribeye steaks, about 200g each. Fried up some sliced onion and button mushrooms. I spread garlic butter on the baguette before assembling the sandwiches. Fredrik added “regular” cheese as well as stilton on his sandwich. Popped the sandwiches back into the oven for a quick toasting.


The salad is just baby spinach with red onion, walnuts and bell pepper. I had this feeling that I was missing something when I was gathering my salad supplies at the supermarket but didn’t realize that it was apple till I got home, where we had no apples. I had key lime honey mustard dressing with my salad and Fredrik went with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


steak sandwich w stilton & regular cheese

When I was cooking, I was daydreaming about what I’d sell if I ever had a food truck. I’d have steak sandwich as the “luxury” item on my menu.

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