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noodle followup

Wednesday. 11. 30. 2011.

I use the pasta machine to finish off the dough I had made and saved in the fridge and the noodles came out perfect.

fresh alkaline noodles

I cooked the noodles in a larger pot of water. Less alkaline tasting but still stronger than I would like it to be. It also congealed pretty quickly. Mind you, it would’ve probably be much better had I not been in the midst of making steamed buns for my attempt at making Momofuku pork buns. (Can you tell that I’m really into Momofuku as of late?)

I also overcooked the noodles so they were a bit soggy but I think I’ve got the process down and next batch will contain less baked soda. I divided up the noodles into portions, wrapped them in plastic and popped them in the freezer.

cooked noodles
Just like in Canada.

wonton noodles with oyster sauce

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