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all the hard work

Sunday. 11. 20. 2011.

Spaghetti with peas bacon & home made marinara

This is spaghetti with peas, bacon and home made marinara. Marinara made from the tomatoes that I grew in our garden this summer.

Recipe: Boil spaghetti. Cut up bacon. Fry bacon, add peas, add sauce. Add pasta water if the sauce starts to dry out. Add pasta to sauce. Mix. Eat.

Unfortunately 2 jars of sauce did not seal properly so they were binned but there are still 2 jars left. I opened 1 the other night for dinner. I’m aware that I said about not growing as much stuff next summer but I have decided that I would retract that comment. The sauce was like eating summer. It was so good. I haven’t had any store bought tomato sauce that was this good. It’s sweet yet I’ve added no sugar to the sauce. Simply cooked it down to 1 litre from 2-3 litres.

I plan on being more selective in the varieties of tomatoes I will be growing. No cherry tomatoes… well… maybe just 1 or 2 ’cause Fredrik likes them in salads. I’ll probably complain about them next September and not eat any tomato/tomato-based soup/sauce in September and October but later in November I’ll rediscover the fruits of my labour and it will be fantastic. I will also stick to using the “expensive” jars that seal properly. I’d love to get my hands on a pressure cooker to really process the jars. I have one in Canada but I think I’d be better off ordering one from Amazon.

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