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perhaps i’m a food snob

Friday. 11. 18. 2011.

Actually… I know that I am a bit of a food snob.

I recently read in the first issue of Lucky Peach about David Chang (Momofuku) and Peter Meehan’s trip in Japan in search of ramen. When I posted a tweet about wanting to go to Japan to have copious amounts of ramen, a friend of mine commented with “but you can get 5 ramen here for 15kr”.

I’m rather specific about my instant noodles. I say instant noodles because ramen is more than the cheap meal most college students have experienced living off of. Read more about ramen here:

This also got me wondering about the cultural relationships with fast food. Asian examples of fast food is not what most people think of when they think of fast food. What I grew up seeing as fast food along side with the usual McDonalds, KFC lot includes things like char sui on rice/in noodle soup, wonton noodle soup, congee, etc. Anyone that’s ever gone to a Chinatown often will know that the noodle & congee restaurants are examples of  fast food restaurants in Chinese cultures. So in my world, fast food does not always equate to crappy food.

Going back to the food snob thing.

I am specific about my instant noodles. It’s something I grew up with and there are complexities to different brands despite what one might think. For instance, Shin Ramyun, is a Korean instant noodle. I prefer their cup noodle over the packet. Their cup noodle doesn’t get soggy as fast and has more of a bite to it. I grew up eating Demae Itcho instant noodles. My family buys almost exclusively Demae Itcho instant noodles. Of the cup noodle variety, I usually buy Cup Noodle. I like their broth best as well as their noodles don’t get soggy too quickly. I’ve only tried MAMA noodles when it comes to brands aside from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Their cup noodle is pretty good but you have to watch the fill line. I accidentally bought vermicelli once and I filled the first cup with too much hot water so I thought that the broth was way too weak. When I had the second cup, I read the instructions and realized that I had used too much water the first time.

I don’t eat much instant noodles anymore. I ate it more when I first moved to Sweden. Fredrik was on tour, I didn’t want to cook and was feeling really homesick. Having instant noodles is like having Kraft Dinner. (I don’t eat Kraft Dinner.) When I was growing up, my dad would sometimes make instant noodles as a late night snack. My cousin in Hong Kong taught me to crack an egg into the soup before you take it off the stove when I was visiting when I was 10. Instant noodles are more than just a fast and cheap food to me.

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